News of: Wednesday, April 25 2007,

Special brochure for cycling tourists in Amsterdam

It is one of the popular things to do in Amsterdam by tourists: rent a bicycle.

Bicycles are a main form of transport in Amsterdam (approximately 40% of all traffic movements in Amsterdam is done by bike). Naturally, as a tourist you would also like to cycle around. Not alone do you do like the locals do, it is also a fun and fast way of getting around.

Visitors from other countries are not always used to cycling, and countless are the stories of tourists on bikes causing problems and confusion on the roads of Amsterdam.
To help them, MacBike (one of the bicycle rent shops), together with the Amsterdam Tourist Board, has published a special brochure with some practical information and rules.
The brochure is in English, French, Spanish and Italian, and can be downloaded here. It will also be available in the rent shops and tourist offices.