News of: Tuesday, July 01 2008,

Smoking ban in the Netherlands effective starting today

At midnight, the last cigarettes had to be extinguished in Holland's pub, cafes, restaurants, etcetera.

From now on, smoking is only allowed outside, in designated closed off smoking rooms, or at home.

More detailed information about the new rules can be found in a previous article.
In this article it is also pointed out that smoking cannabis joints seems no longer possible for tourists visiting Amsterdam.
Smoking joints is not allowed outside, or inside in a coffeeshop or in a hotel, making it practically (legally) impossible for tourists to smoke a joint.
Simply Amsterdam contacted the police to verify that smoking joints outside is not allowed in Amsterdam, and they confirmed this.

The new law will be enforced by hundreds of specially trained civil servants, who are going to visit venues everywhere in the Netherlands where smoking is now prohibited.
Owners are responsible for enforcing the smoking ban in their venue (guests who smoke will not get fined.)
During the first days, owners will get a warning if there are guests found smoking. Later, they can get fined E 300,-, and the fines will go up if guests continue to smoke. In the end, the venue owner may lose his licence.