News of: Monday, July 14 2008,

Smoking ban in Holland works well - only few warnings given

The VWA (the Dutch government agency that enforces the smoking ban) reports that the large majority of pubs, restaurants etc. live up to the rules.

About 96% of the inspections were without problems.
On the first 1,000 inspections, 34 warnings have been issued to venue owners.
In a lot of case the smoking ban is not properly advertised in the building. This can lead to confusion with guests, especially guests visiting from abroad. In other cases people were found smoking.

One in eight dedicated smoking rooms were not made according to the rules (not properly closed off from the rest of the building). Of the 1,000 businesses, 116 had made a special smoking room.

The smoking ban applies in the Netherlands from July 1.

The venue owner is responsible for enforcing the smoking ban in his building, not the guest. First time offenders get a warning, after that fines are given of EUR 300,- or more.