News of: Friday, September 30 2005,

Renovation of Amsterdam Royal Palace 'a disgrace'

Amsterdam City, an organization of Amsterdam businesses, has protested against the way a redecoration of the Royal Palace on Dam Square is carried out.

Apparently, the construction workers will set up a large building site in front of the Royal Palace, with a large fence in front of it. In the temporary building will be the restaurants and offices.

The renovation will last 3 years. The building is to be modernized and will get better security protection.

Amsterdam City (supported by the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist Board - VVV) says it is a disgrace that Dam Square, the best-known square of the Netherlands, will get such an ugly construction for such a long period.

The Rijksgebouwendienst (Government Buildings Agency) says it has no choice, due to a lack of space on other sides of the palace. Because of the removal of asbestos it is not possible to let the workers work from within the building.

According to the site of the Royal House, the palace will reopen in early 2008.