Rembrandt Molen van Sloten

Rembrandt Molen van Sloten

The 'Rembrandt' Molen van Sloten is one of the few tourist attractions in Amsterdam West. If you would like to see how a windmill works, this is where you can go.
It is a working windmill, and is actually used to pump away water.

There is an elevator inside, so elderly people or people in a wheelchair can enter too.

Next to the windmill is also the Kuiperijmuseum (Coopery Museum), and near the entrance of the windmill you can find a statue of Rembrandt and his wife, Saskia.

Akersluis 10, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Every day, 10am - 4.30pm (except Jan. 1, April 27 (Kings Day) and Dec. 25 and 26).

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Sloten windmill

Sloten windmill