News of: Thursday, December 15 2005,

Rembrandt 400 year officially opened by Queen Beatrix

Yesterday, the official opening of the Rembrandt Year took place, in Leiden, in the presence of Queen Beatrix.
Leiden is the place where Rembrandt was born 400 years ago, in 1606.

In 2006 it will have been 400 years ago that Rembrandt, Holland's greatest 17th-century painter, was born.
Rembrandt, son of a Leiden miller, was born on July 15, 1606. His parents expected him to enjoy a university education, however, Rembrandt was to choose a different career. He was apprenticed to Leiden master Jacob van Swanenburgh and had his first studio in this city. In Leiden he made his first historical paintings and self-portraits.

In 1631 Rembrandt moved from Leiden to Amsterdam. The house where he used to live is the Rembrandt House Museum.

The year 2006 will be full of exhibitions and other events, in Leiden and in Amsterdam. Leiden is an old city (with a beautiful historic centre), just 25 miles south of Amsterdam, about half an hour by train. The official website of Leiden has an English section, and there is also a map of Leiden.

The activities in Leiden are listed on the website Rembrandt 400 Leiden, the general website (with also the activities in Amsterdam) are listed here.

See also the Simply Amsterdam page about the Rembrandt 400 Year, with practical information.