News of: Tuesday, January 15 2013,

Record traffic jams in morning rush hour

This morning was the busiest rush hour in the Netherlands ever.

For the first time, the total length of (car) traffic jams was more than 1,000 km. On various motorways traffic came to a complete standstill, particularly in the West part of the country, around the 4 main cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag and Rotterdam.

The problems were due to snowfall (about 4 inches).

There have also been delays reported on Schiphol Airport, and some 30 flights were cancelled.

Train services get automatically reduced in the Netherlands, when snow is expected. This is done to make it more likely that the remaining trains will operate orderly, and to prevent chaos.
Nevertheless, around Den Haag there are some problems.

Public transport within Amsterdam has not reported any main problems.