News of: Wednesday, May 03 2006,

Rare bird disturbs gay cruising area in Amsterdam

After a sighting of a green heron in Amsterdam, bird watchers from all over the Netherlands, but also from Germany and Belgium, flock to the lake 'de Nieuwe Meer' in the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The green heron is extremely rare in Europe. It lives in Middle and North America, and never before has one been seen in the wild in the Netherlands.
Experts think the bird might have travelled with a ship, because the distance over the ocean is normally too long for these birds.

The bird (picture) has chosen to live along the banks of the lake 'de Nieuwe Meer', which happens to be one of Amsterdam's favourite cruising places of gay men. With the dozens of the excited bird watchers all over the park next to the lake, the privacy of the cruising men is seriously disturbed.

The regular visitors of the cruising area hope the bird will soon leave.