News of: Monday, January 14 2008,

Prohibition of firework in Amsterdam centre, after fire in monumental canal house

A majority of the parties in the Amsterdam council wants to prohibit the use of firework in the centre of Amsterdam.

The new year is celebrated in the Netherlands by using firework. The use of firework by consumers is legal, and consequently millions of people create their own firework show at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Last New Year's Eve an old canal house along the Herengracht canal went up in flames almost entirely, after it had been hit by a piece of firework. Apparently, the rocket had broken a window and the wood of the house caught fire. Important parts of the house could be saved, or can be restored.

The property (Herengracht 132) dates from 1615, and has a rich history.

As a result, a majority of politicians is now in favour of a genaral prohibition of firework in the inner city, to protect the thousands of monumental houses. Perhaps a large firework event will be organized, like in many other countries.