News of: Thursday, December 01 2005,

Politician for abolishment Amsterdam Red Light District

Lodewijk Asscher, the chairman of the social democrats in the Amsterdam city council, has said in his new book that he is in favour of the gradual disappearance of the world-famous Red Light District in Amsterdam.

He wrote this in his new book 'Nieuw Amsterdam', which was presented yesterday. In his book he describes the ideal Amsterdam of the year 2020.

According to Mr Asscher, he would rather have one less tourist attraction than be part of 'abuse of women'.
He says that 'we shouldn't be proud of the Red Light District, knowing that most of the prostitution is owned by a few criminals, and that women are often forced into prostitution'. And: 'Women who want to work in prostitution can very well work sex houses and brothels'.

Lodewijk Asscher is also the leader of the social democrats in Amsterdam in the upcoming local elections.