News of: Wednesday, November 23 2005,

Plan for freight transport in Amsterdam by tram

The city of Amsterdam wants to investigate the feasibility of transporting goods to shops by street tram.

The company City Cargo Nederland came up with the plan.
The idea is to use special freight trams that are loaded in the outskirts of the city, to transport goods to locations in the centre of Amsterdam. From these locations the goods are further transported with electric vehicles.

According to calculations by City Cargo Nederland the air pollution in the inner city can be reduced with up to 20% if the number of freight trucks in the downtown area can be reduced with 50%.
Air pollution (by small particles) are considered a major health risk nowadays, and Amsterdam has to work on reduction of this type of pollution. Recent measurements have shown that certain (busy) streets in Amsterdam generate more air pollution for nearby housing than is allowed.

Other advantages of the tram transprt system that are mentioned include safer traffic because of less trucks, less damage to streets by heavy trucks, an estimated 1,200 new jobs and more efficient transport of goods to shops.