News of: Thursday, May 24 2007,

Plan for dramatic increase of parking rates in Amsterdam leaked out

A (secret) plan leaked out today to increase the parking rates dramatically in a large part of Amsterdam.

In the plan, the A and A+ rates would apply to the entire Amsterdam area within the ring road A10.
Currently, these rates only apply only in some parts of the historic centre, and some streets in Amsterdam South. The rates would apply 7 days a week, from 7am till midnight. This would mean an enormous increase for the neighbhourhoods next to the centre of Amsterdam.

The purpose of the plan is to improve the air quality in Amsterdam.

In the plan, part of the revenue will go to improvement of public transport, and the creation of more P+R (Park and Ride) facilities, where you can park your car and travel to the centre with public transport. Money will also go to more bicycle parking facilities and (underground) neighbourhood car parks.