News of: Thursday, March 22 2007,

Photo exhibtion about Srebrenica Massacre in NIOD Amsterdam

A photo exhibition has been opened in the NIOD, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.

The exhibtion, called Photocari, shows pictures of the funerals of the victims of the fall of Srebrenica (July 1995).

The photographer (Jehanne van Woerkom) says she was and is shocked by the way the Dutch handle this bit of war history. Srebrenica was the scene of the Srebrenica Massacre, the killing of about 8,000 Muslims in an area that was formally under the protection of a Dutch (United Nations) army batallion.

The exhibition can be seen until April 24.

The Niod is located at Herengracht 380, and is open during weekdays from 9 to 6 (Friday till 5), on Monday from 1pm to 6.