News of: Monday, October 09 2006,

Photo exhibition about the fifties in Amsterdam

Until November 27, there will be a photo exhibition (name is 'Mensenwerk')with black and white photos about Amsterdam, from about 5 years after the end of World War II.

The exhibition is in the former Diamond Exchange, at Weesperstraat 4 in Amsterdam (just of Waterlooplein).
The pictures are made by Peter Marcuse.

His black and white images of Amsterdam in the fifties were made in a stable and predictable period in Western Europe only 5 years of rebuilding after the second world war lay behind.
In the Amsterdam port, there was evidence everywhere and trade all over the world resumed especially with the then Dutch colonies, shipbuilding was booming and nobody was worried for a moment about the environment and the price of oil.

The exhibition will last until November 27, and is open from 9-5 on business days.