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News of: Thursday, February 13 2014,

P+R parking Amsterdam to 1 Euro per 24 hours

Starting February 12, the P+R parking rate is only 1 Euro per 24 hours, if you park after 10am.

The rate of 1 Euro per 24 hours applies only if you enter before 10am on working days, or in the weekend.
If you enter after 10am on a working day, you pay E 8 for the first 24 hours, then also E 1 per 24 hours.
There is a maximum of 96 hours for making use of these cheap rates.

A new condition is that the cheap rates only apply if you visit the centre of Amsterdam. This is checked with your public transport OV-chipcard - your last check-in must be in the centre area.
Otherwise you pay the hourly rate of the facility (E 1.50 to E 3.50 per hour).

P+R Rai is a new P+R location, and P+R World Fashion Centre has closed down.

On our Park and Rid page there are more details and an overview map of P+R locations.

P+R sign

P+R sign