News of: Sunday, June 04 2006,

Open Air Theatre Vondelpark opened today

Today, the open air season has started for the Vondelpark Open Air Theater (Openluchttheater).

The opening act is performed by the Nederlands Kamerorkest, who perform the Royal Fireworks Music by Händel, the Trumpet Concert by Neruda and the Symphonie nr. 100 ‘Militaire’ by Haydn.

The Open Air Theatre has performances 5 days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday during the summer, until August 20.

Entrance no longer free of charge?
According to the local news station AT5, for the first time in its 33 years of existence, the open air theatre charges a fee for the entrance. The fee is a minimum of 1 Euro, but more can be donated. The reason for this is that subsidies are too small.

The Openluchttheater's own website phrases it a bit differently: 'Already since the 70's all performance in the Vondelpark Open Air Theater are free and this will remain so'. And: 'We hope to get your support. That is why we count on it that you donate 1 Euro in the donation box'.

Reservations now possible
Through the website it is now possible to reserve seats for performances. This is in Dutch only, and can be found on the Programma page.
As the Open Air Theatre is very popular, reservations can be necessary if you are not able to come early to occupy a seat.