News of: Tuesday, July 17 2007,

New youth hostel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a new youth hostel, in Amsterdam-East, with 400 beds.

The new hostel is located to the east of the centre in a quiet, typical Amsterdam neighbourhood (called 'Indische Buurt', because most streets are named after Indonesian place names and islands - Indonesia was still a Dutch colony at the time this neighbourhood was built in the 1930's). The centre of Amsterdam is only 15 minutes away by bicycle or tram.

The hostel is called Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg, and located at Timorplein 21.

The opening offers are a free second main course, and a free 'I Amsterdam bicycle bell'.

In the same building there will be a café/restaurant, a cinema (with 'arthouse movies') and offices.

The building at Timorplein