News of: Monday, October 10 2005,

New street lights in Amsterdam centre

Two new types of street lights have been placed along the Herengracht canal, for the public to see and judge.

The street lights have been place along the Herengracht canal, between the streets Wijde Heisteeg and Huidenstraat.

Two types of street lights will be tested: one called 'Ritterlantaarn' and the other 'Kroonlantaarn' (Crown lantern). The latter carries the Austrian imperial crown on top, the same crown that is also on the top of the famous Westerkerk church, next to the Anne Frank House. This crown was donated by Maximilian of Austria in 1489.

The 'kroonlantaarn' stands a good chance of being chosen as the new model, as a very active 'Kroonlantaarn Comité' has strongly advocated the model with imperial crown.

The test lamps will stand along Herengracht until December, when a decision will be taken. The public is invited to give opinions on the Amsterdam centrum site.