Conservatorium Amsterdam

News of: Friday, September 12 2008,

New Amsterdam music Conservatory opened by Queen Beatrix

The new building of the Amsterdam Conservatory was opened this afternoon by Queen Beatrix.

The Conservatory moved from the Museumplein (across from the Van Gogh Museum) to the newly developed area on Oosterdoks Island, next to the Central Station.

On this island is also the new Public Library, which is currently attracting a lot of visitors. The Conservatory is the neighbour of the Public Library.

The new Conservatorium building has 'state of the art' acoustic technology. The various study rooms have different acoustic characteristics, to accommodate different musical instruments. The hallways are located on the outside of the building, so that the music and study rooms are in the centre, assuring that street and city noise can not be heard in the rooms.

Students of the Conservatorium often give (mostly free) performances, which can be visited.
More information is on this page (Agenda only in Dutch).

Conservatorium Amsterdam

Conservatorium Amsterdam