News of: Thursday, December 08 2005,

More powers and money to Amsterdam for taxi problems

Parliament has decided that the 4 big cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) get more powers and money to solve problems with the local taxi market.

The city government had asked a long time for these powers, but they were never granted a special status, until today.

Since the liberalization of the taxi market in 2000, the Amsterdam taxi market has been flooded with new taxi drivers. Many of the new drivers deceive clients, take them for longer rides than necessary, refuse client for short trips, fight over clients with long trips, often don't know the way and don't speak Dutch or English.
Especially the taxi ranks near the Central Station and Leidseplein square are notorious.

Alderman Mark van der Horst is very glad with the decision. 'This is really very good for Amsterdam. It is a late Sinterklaas present.'

It is not yet clear what new measures will be taken, or when they will be taken.