News of: Monday, November 27 2006,

Michelin stars 2007 Amsterdam restaurants - again 1 star lost

The new Michelin guide for 2007 has appeared. One restaurant in Amsterdam lost its star (Christophe).

One year ago 3 restaurants lost a star, the number of restaurants with a Michelin star went from 7 to 5. This year the number goes to 4.
There are no other changes in the Michelin ratings of restaurants in Amsterdam, so the list of Amsterdam restaurants with a Michelin star for 2007 is:

La Rive (in Amstel Hotel) - 1 star
Vermeer (in Barbizon Hotel) - 1 star
Ciel Bleu (in Okura Hotel) - 1 star
Yamazato (also in Okura Hotel) - 1 star