News of: Monday, March 20 2006,

Medieval weapons not allowed in Red Light District excursion

The licence that Van Aemstel excursions had received for carrying the weapons (halberds), has been withdrawn by the city.

The halberds were used to complete the Medieval uniforms worn by the excursion guide. The guide looks like a soldier from Rembrandt's time.

The tour is called 'Giggling with the Guards' - the guides with a weaponlicence, but the licences are no more.

After the licence had been given to wear the halberds during the evening, a lot of people protested. The excursion company said they could well use the halberds, as they were effective against scaring off junkies, drug dealers and groups of drunk Brits, during the evening excursions.

It turned out that the mayor of Amsterdam did not have the power to issue the licence, which therefore had to be withdrawn.

The evening excursions will now be rescheduled to the afternoon. Van Aemstel excursions will probably claim damages, as the steel halberds, that were specially made in Italy, cost E 2000. They will be now be sold.
An Amsterdam carpenter will make wooden replicas of the halberds for the daytime excursions.