News of: Wednesday, August 30 2006,

Many tickets Madonna (Amsterdam Arena) on black market

A few days before the start of the Madonna Concerts in the Amsterdam Arena Stadium, the black ticket market is inundated with tickets. Tickets will probably be easily avaiable near the entrance, on the day of the concert.

There are so many tickets on the market, that they are even offered below the normal price.

The 'Confession Tour' concerts were sold out very quickly, but apparently people just buy a number of tickets in order to re-sell them with a profit.

In the past few years this has become standard practice with large pop concerts. For example, tickets for concerts given by the Rolling Stones and U2 were widely traded on the internet, literally minutes after the pre-sales started.

The Madonna concerts are held on September 3 and 4, in the Arena Stadium. The concerts start at 7.30pm.

For those who would like to attend a concert, it is probably easy to buy tickets on the day itself, near the entrance.