News of: Wednesday, October 04 2006,

Man forced by robbers to use bank card during entire night

Last night, a man has been forced at knife point to use his ATM bank card for a total of 12 hours, by 3 robbers.

The man (36 years, from Den Haag) had parked his car in 'De Pijp', a neighbourhood just south of the centre of Amsterdam.

He was then attacked by 3 men who forced him to get money from bank machines and hand it over. They forced him to drive the entire night to several ATM's, take money out of his own bank account and give it to the robbers.
Only at 11.30 in the morning he was released on the Nieuwmarkt square, in the centre of Amsterdam.

The robbers have yet to be found. The inhabitant from The Hague, who had been very scared, has lost a lot of money.