News of: Saturday, April 21 2012,

Major train accident in Amsterdam - 125 wounded - no trains to Schiphol

Around 6.30 pm two trains in Amsterdam have collided. 125 Passengers are wounded.

Seventy passengers had minor injuries, the rest, 55 passengers are seriously wounded.

Because of the accident there is no train service between Amsterdam and the airport. The metro between Amsterdam Sloterdijk or Amsterdam Central Station to Duivendrecht can be used. From Duivendrecht there are trains to Schiphol.

There are also no trains between Amsterdam and Haarlem, and Amsterdam and Zaandam.

The Dutch Railways expect to be able to fix the disruption around 2am. Until then, and possibly later on in the night, delays should be expected.

More information can be found on the Dutch Railways website ( - in Dutch).

update midnight:
Train service Amsterdam to Schiphol, Haarlem or Zaandam will be disrupted until Sunday 1 pm.
Travellers to Schiphol Airport can take the metro to Duivendrecht (train tickets are valid), from there the train to Schiphol.

update Sunday 9am:
There may be further delays after 1pm today. You should expect a longer travel time to Schiphol, which is reachable through station Duivendrecht.

update Sunday 10pm:
There is limited train service to Schiphol Airport and Haarlem.
One of the victims of the train crash, a 68-year old woman, has died.

update Monday April 23:
Train services are back to normal again.