News of: Monday, October 22 2012,

Lonely Planet promotes Amsterdam as second best city to visit

Amsterdam appears as number two on the list of best cities to visit in 2013, published by Lonely Planet.

The position on the Lonely Planet is due to the fact that next year the Rijksmuseum will re-open completely, and the city celebrates 400 years Canal District.

Number one on the list is San Francisco.

In 2013, it will be 400 years ago that the famous ring of canals was built. This will be celebrated with a lot of events, exhibitions etc.
Also, the Rijksmuseum (an important museum for the Netherlands as a whole), will re-open completely.

And there is more:
- the Concertgebouw will exist 125 years
- and so will the Concertgebouw Orchestra
- Artis Zoo will celebrate its 175 years' existence
- the abolition of slavery will be 150 years ago in 2013
and several more events.

The events will probably generate more visitors for Amsterdam (but it remains to be seen how the closure of the coffeeshops for tourists will affect tourism to Amsterdam - due to be in effect January 1 2013).