News of: Wednesday, November 28 2012,

List of Amsterdam Michelin star restaurants grows from 8 to 10 in 2013

Another two restaurants have been added to the list of restaurants in Amsterdam with one or more Michelin stars.

The first addition is restaurant Bord'eau, in Hotel L'Europe, along the river Amstel.
The second is restaurant &Samhoud Places, on the Oosterdoks Eiland near the Central Station. It went from one to two stars (the restaurant already had a star before its move from the village of Overveen).

There were no changes in the 8 Michelin star restaurants already listed last year.

The 10 restaurants in Amsterdam listed by Michelin for 2013:
Lastage - 1 star
Ron Blaauw - 2 stars
Restaurant Vermeer (part of Barbizon Hotel) - 1 star
Le Restaurant - 1 star
Vinkeles (in Dylan Hotel) - 1 star
La Rive (in Amstel Hotel) - 1 star
Ciel Bleu (in Okura Hotel) - 2 stars
Yamazato (also in Okura Hotel) - 1 star
Bord'eau (in hotel De L'Europe) - 1 star
&Samhoud Places - 2 stars