News of: Wednesday, January 16 2008,

License to cut down Anne Frank tree confirmed, tree owner now has to decide

The license to fell the Anne Frank tree has been confirmed by the city authorities.

This means that the (now world-famous) tree can be cut down if the owner wants to.

However, the owner has said he is willing to consider a saving plan of the tree. Opponents of cutting the tree have come up with a plan to secure the tree in a metal construction, so that it may live for approximately another 15 years.

The tree is famous because Anne Frank describes the tree in her diary.
In the last few months the tree has been the object of fierce debate and legal fights. The city and the Anne Frank House would like to cut down the tree (for safety reasons), but opponents want to save it because of its symbolic value.
The tree has an incurable disease, and without support there is a danger that it will fall down in a storm.

Whether or not the tree is going to be cut down in the next few months now depends on the owner. The tree is not located in the garden of the Anne Frank House, but in an adjacent (Keizersgracht) garden.