News of: Thursday, December 15 2005,

Liberals for official gay cruising spots in Amsterdam

The Liberal party (VVD) in Amsterdam says it is in favour of official recognition of gay cruising places, such as in the Sarphatipark and Oosterpark.

This is one of the recommendations made in the memo 'Amsterdam Gay Capital - Tolerant capital' that is to appear next Monday.

The recognized gay cruising places should be indicated with special signs, and there should be condom dispensers.

The memo also says elderly gay and lesbian people should be supported, as they often feel lonely and isolated.
Further, according to the memo Amsterdam should become a safer place for gay people by better registration of discrimination and crime against homosexuals.

Other recommendations in the memo are that there should be better education in schools about homosexuality and that Amsterdam should have a gay museum.
Backrooms or dark rooms (rooms in clubs and bars where men can have sex) should be legalized.
Amsterdam should actively stimulate the organization of new gay events.