News of: Friday, June 03 2005,

'Legalize' demonstration in Amsterdam, against war on drugs

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the ninth Legalize 'streetrave' in Amsterdam. The demonstration is allowed, the afterparty has been prohibited by the authorities.

The demonstration does not go through the centre of Amsterdam, but mainly through Amsterdam East.
The parade will start 1 pm, near the Amstel train station, then via Wethouder Frankeweg, Galileiplantsoen, Molukkenstraat, Zeeburgerdijk, Zeeburgerstraat, Oostenburgergracht, Wittenburgergracht and Kattenburgergracht to the Kattenburgerplein square. This square is the square in front of the Maritime Museum/Scheepvaartmuseum.
Here the parade is scheduled to end around 6pm.

The parade will have 10 soundsystems and 5 theatre acts.

The aim of the demonstration is to get marihuana and soft drugs out of the criminal law. Personal use of soft drugs (and possession of a few grams) is allowed in the Netherlands, but production and trade are illegal. Hard drugs are always illegal.