Kwaku Summer Festival

Kwaku Summer Festival

The Kwaku (or Kwakoe as it used to be called) Festival is a yearly event in Amsterdam South East.
The Festival takes place during a number of weekends during the summer.

The festival includes a soccer tournament, and other than that there is a lot of music and (tropical) food. It is very much a Surinamese festival, a place to see and be seen.

In the last few years, since 2012, there has been a Pink Sunday (gay/lesbian/transgender party).

A fee (E 5) is asked to enter the festival grounds. Kwaku is held in the Nelson Mandelapark (previously called Bijlmerpark) in Amsterdam South East.


Opening hours:
Kwaku is held in weekends in summer, in July and August.
See the website for this year's dates and times.
At the entrance.

Location of Kwaku Summer Festival Full screen map
Kwaku festival

Kwaku festival