News of: Monday, July 18 2005,

Kwakoe festival opened in Amsterdam South-East

Yesterday, the yearly Kwakoe festival was opened, in Amsterdam South East.

The Kwakoe Summer Festival is the biggest multicultural festival in the Netherlands and is held every Saturday and Sunday in the months July and August. It originates largely from the black (read: mainly Surinamese) community in Amsterdam.
The festival takes place in the Bijlmerpark in Amsterdam Southeast. For six weekends, the organization offers a very extensive program containing (live) music, movies, sports, food, dancing, information and meetings. The Festival has a different theme every year which is noticeable in the music, performances, art, literature and several elections.

The number of visitors at the Kwaku Summer Festival increased considerably over the years: in 2003 and 2004 about 1.000.000 individuals visited the Festival.

The festival grounds (Bijlmerpark) are best reached by taking metro line 54 from the Central Station. You get out at stop 'Bijlmer' (which is also a train station) and walk from there, or make use of the free shuttle bus service.

The festival lasts from July 16 to August 21, Saturdays and Sundays, from noon till evening 9pm or so.