News of: Thursday, January 26 2006,

Hooligans to test new Amsterdam metro carriages

The new carriages that are going to run on the new North-South Line, that is currently under construction, will be tested by real hooligans.

The purpose of the test is to see whether the metro carriages are vandalism proof.

The testers, real Amsterdam 'vandals', will be asked destroy a train as much as they can.

The trains that are eventually going to be used should have a life span of at least 30 years.

Alderman van der Horst: 'It isn't easy to find metro trains that are good enough for Amsterdam cirucumstances. My colleage in Copenhagen did not even know what I was talking about.'.

The North-South Line is the new metro line that connects Amsterdam North with Amsterdam South, via the Central Station. The work is scheduled to be ready by 2011.
By then it should also be clear what metro trains will survive Amsterdam youngsters.