Honing Breethuis

Honing Breethuis

The Breet family, a well-to-do paper manufacturer, inhabited this house until 1892.
The house, in typically green wooden Zaanse style, is now a museum displaying a more or less original, wealthy interior from about 1830. Some of the items are originally from the Breet family (such as the family portraits), but most have been chosen to fit what may have been part of a rich merchant house.

Lagedijk 80, Zaandijk

Opening hours:
Thu-Su: April-September 1-5pm, rest of the year 1-4pm.
Closed on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, King's Day (27 April), Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday and Christmas Day
Open on Easter Monday, Whit Monday and 26 December

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Honig Breethuis

Honig Breethuis