News of: Tuesday, September 04 2012,

Hiswa boat show opens in Amsterdam

For the first, the 'Hiswa te Water' event is in Amsterdam - and it looks like it will stay there.

The yearly Hiswa boat show is a large open air show with all kinds of boats, from cheap small boats to extremely luxurious yachts.

This year, Hiswa te Water will take place in the newly built Amsterdam Marina, from September 4-9. It used to be in the coast town IJmuiden, but decided to move to Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Marina is a new important addition to the rapidly developing north shore of the IJ river (the water at the back of the Central Station). The NDSM Wharf, the EYE Filminstitute, the Tolhuistuin and new residential developments have created a new atmosphere in Amsterdam North along the water.

To get to the Hiswa event you can best take the free NDSM-werf ferry boat behind the station.
From there it is a 10 minutes' walk.
There is a E 18 entrance fee.
More information about Hiswa can be found on

Location: Amsterdam MarinaFull screen map