News of: Monday, October 16 2006,

Hilton Hotel Amsterdam on monument list

The building of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam South has been listed as one of the buildings from the period after the second World War to become an official protected monument.

The list has been made by the National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape en Built Heritage, the state organization for protecting monuments. The decision whether the Hilton Hotel will receive official state monument status will be taken early 2007.

Once a building is an official state monument, it can not be demolished or changed without a special licence. Amsterdam has many state monuments, mainly 17th century canal houses in the centre of the city. Of the 51,000 Dutch state monuments, 7,150 are in Amsterdam.

The Hilton Hotel was built in 1962, and is located at Apollolaan in Amsterdam South. A picture of the building is on this site.