News of: Monday, October 17 2005,

Hell's Angels busted in Amsterdam and elsewhere

In one of the largest police operations ever in the Netherlands the police have raided various locations of Hell's Angels in the Netherlands.

The action took place in the middle of the night, in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Kampen, IJmuiden and 64 houses.

E 70,000 in cash, 6 weed plantations, 20 guns, several heavy weapons, cell phones, computers and a number of expensive watches were seized.

The purpose of the police is to prove the Hell's Angels constitute a criminal organization, that can be prohibited as a whole. They are accused of trading drugs and weapons, and other criminal activities.

The Hell's Angels maintain they are just a recreational motor club.
The Hell's Angels in Amsterdam are the leading group in the Netherlands. Its club house is located near the Amsterdam prison, not far from the Amstel train station.