Google street view camera

News of: Wednesday, August 06 2008,

Google takes pictures in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for Streetview

Camera cars of Google Street View have been spotted in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Google StreetView allows Google Maps users to virtually 'walk' through streets in a city, and look around. For the service it is necessary that the entire street is photographed.

After having done 57 cities in the US, Google has now turned to Europe. The cars that take the pictures are recognizable by the large photo camera tripods that are placed on top of the cars.

Google Street View has led to privacy concerns worldwide. The CBP (Holland's official privacy watch dog) has said it has no objection to the pictures being taken. In the US, some people had complained, such as someone whose picture was taken while leaving a striptease club, or someone appeared on the site while sun-bathing. Google now blurs privacy sensitive information, such as pictures of faces, so that they become unrecognizable.

It is unclear when Street View for Amsterdam and Rotterdam will be available online.

Google street view camera

Google street view camera