Girl with a pearl earring, by Vermeer

News of: Friday, June 27 2014,

'Girl with a pearl earring' back in Mauritshuis Den Haag

Today the museum the Mauritshuis in Den Haag (The Hague) will be re-opened, after a long renovation.

The Mauritshuis' most famous painting is 'Het Meisje met de parel' ('Girl with a pearl earring' by Johan Vermeer.
During the 2-year renovation of the Mauritshuis, the painting went on tour through Japan, Italy and the United States, drawing millions of spectators. The painting was sometimes dubbed 'the Mona Lisa of the North'.

The Mauritshuis is now connected with a building across the street, through an underground passageway. The amount of space in the Mauritshuis has doubled, but the intimate atmosphere of the building has been preserved.

Together with the 'Girl with a pearl necklace', other famous paintings like 'Het Puttertje' ('The Goldfinch') by Carel Fabritius and 'De Stier' ('the Bull') by Paulus Potter have returned to the Mauritshuis.

Starting June 28, the Mauritshuis will be open to the public.

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Girl with a pearl earring, by Vermeer

Girl with a pearl earring, by Vermeer