News of: Sunday, April 01 2007,

Genever museum (House of Bols) opened in Amsterdam

On Saturday March 31 the House of Bols opened its doors.

The House of Bols is a new museum in Amsterdam, about genever (in Dutch 'jenever'), also known as Dutch gin.

The museum is set up by Bols, one of the oldest Dutch companies. The company goes back to 1575, and it has produced genever since 1664.

In the museum you can learn about genever, liqueurs and cocktails, and see how genever used to be produced in copper kettles. Also, the relationship between Rembrandt and Lucas Bols is explained. They were neighbours, and Rembrandt once paid one of his bills with a painting produced by one of his students.
The museum also has a 'Hall of Taste' (with explanation about smell and taste).

The museum is located at Paulus Potterstraat (Museumplein, across from the Van Gogh Museum).
Opening hours: every day except Tuesday, 12-6. Entrance is E 10,-, which includes a cocktail of your choice.