News of: Saturday, May 07 2005,

Gay man from US beaten up on Leidseplein square

On Queensday, April 30, a gay man was attacked and beaten up by 7 men.

The victim, Mr Chris Crain, editor in chief of the gay magazine Washington Blade, was walking hand in hand with his boyfriend, in the morning of April 30, near the famous Leidseplein square in Amsterdam.

Mr Crain was being spat on by someone with 'Moroccan features'. When asked why he did that, the guy was joined by several others, and they started to beat him up. Mr Crain suffered a broken nose and several other injuries.
People standing by didn't do anything.

The full story can be read in Mr Crain's weblog.

(Update May 9 2005) - The incident has caused great concern for the reputation of Amsterdam as a gay-friendly city. Gay newspapers in the Netherlands are getting many reactions, and the whole story has also been published in the Advocate, one of the largest gay magazines in the United States.