News of: Saturday, June 11 2005,

Fun Fair Boulevard opened near Amsterdam Arena Stadium

Yesterday the first mobile attraction park was opened, next to the Arena Stadium.

Fun Fair Boulevard is a large fair, with attractions such as a big roller-coaster (the biggest mobile rollercoaster in Europe), a ferris wheel (the highest in Europe), a mobile wild-water ride track (apparently the largest mobile one in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records), a free fall tower, and many others.
Also, there are about 20 restaurants and terraces.

The location next to the Arena Stadium was chosen because the fair needs a large area.

The fair can be reached from the Central Station by metro (direction 'Gein') or by train (station 'Amsterdam Bijlmer'). Seen from the station, the park is located at the back of the Arena Stadium. Travel time is about a half hour.

Their website announces a grand firework every evening at 10.30pm.
The park is open Monday through Thursday, 2pm to 11pm, Friday to Sunday 1pm to midnight. Entrance to the park is EUR 2.50, which is also a voucher that can be used in the park. Entrance to attractions varies from E 1.50 to E 3.50.

Next to the Arena Stadium are also the Amsterdamse Poort shopping area, Heineken Music Hall, Pathé Cinema with an Imax screen, and a few restaurants. The area is very much in development, and is worth checking out.