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News of: Monday, March 03 2008,

From now on only quality taxi at Amsterdam Central Station

Starting today, only quality taxis are allowed on the taxi rank at the Central Station in Amsterdam.

To be able to use the taxi rank at Central Station, taxi drivers must have a special pass. To get the pass they must follow a special course.

The most important requirements are:
- the driver mus have knowledge of the streets in Amsterdam
- the driver must be able to speak Dutch and at least basic English
- the driver must wear a suit
- the taxi can not be older than 6 years, and must be clean
- short rides can not be refused
- the driver must be courteous and help with luggage
- rates must be clearly visible in the taxi

In addition, the taxis must have a TX-keur. The TX-keur is the official quality trademark in the Dutch taxi industry. It stands for comfort, safety and reliability.
The trademark is shown below.

The new rules for quality taxis were made because there were many complaints about taxis and taxi drivers, particularly after the total liberalization of the taxi market some years ago.
Tourists, who often have to go to hotels in the city centre, were refused short rides.

Central Station has been chosen as the first taxi rank, as this rank is often the first entrance to Amsterdam (and to the Netherlands) for visitors.

Through strict, 24 hour enforcement of the new rules, the policy makers want to make a new start. After evaluation the plan is to let other important taxi ranks follow.

Tx quality taxi logo

Tx quality taxi logo