News of: Thursday, July 07 2005,

Free breakfast Rembrandt's 399th birthday at Rijksmuseum

To commemorate the fact that the Dutch painter Rembrandt was born 399 years ago, the Rijksmuseum organizes a party breakfast.

The breakfast will be on Friday July 15, in the garden of the Rijksmuseum, between 7.30 and 9.30. July 15, 1606, is the date Rembrandt was born in Leiden (25 miles from Amsterdam).

Various foods will be served, amongst which Rembrandt's favourite breakfast, white bread with herring.

At the same time, the Rijksmuseum will be open for free, and there are special Rembrandt tours.

Next year there will be a large celebration of his 400th birthday, with special festivities in Amsterdam and other places where he lived or worked.