News of: Saturday, July 30 2005,

Fraud with market stalls at Albert Cuyp street market

Research has shown that about a third of the market stalls of the famous Albert Cuyp street market are illegally sublet to others.

To rent a place for a market stall on the Albert Cuyp, a fee of Euro 505 for 3 months is due to the city. Owners of a licence often sublet it on the black market, for prices up to EUR 500 a month. New market entrepreneurs never have a chance to get a licence, and stay very long on the waiting list.

This illegal practice is now under fire by the city government.
Seven licences were taken away from their owners today, 5 of which are fighting this decision.

The Albert Cuyp market is probably the most famous street market in the Netherlands, drawing thousands of visitors every day. This year its 100th anniversary is celebrated.