News of: Friday, February 18 2005,

Foxes found in Amsterdam

Within the last year, three dead foxes have been found just East of the Centre of Amsterdam.

The dead foxes were found by Martin Melchers, city ecologist of Amsterdam, and by the Animal Ambulance (Dierenambulance).

Foxes live on the Zeeburger Island, in the East of Amsterdam, and along the borders of the city. The ecologist suggest that some foxes may have reached the city by the new tram tunnel that has been built. This new tram line is built to connect the new islands East of Amsterdam (IJburg) with the downtown area.

Foxes are curious by nature, although it is uncertain what they were doing so far in Amsterdam. As the found foxes were all males, it is possible that, because of the mating season, they needed to escape for other males.