News of: Thursday, May 03 2007,

Four open days in Hermitage (Amstelhof) building before start renovation

The monumental 17th century Amstelhof building, along the river Amstel, will change into the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Renovation work will start on May 14, and from Thursday May 10 to Sunday May 13 the building will be open for everyone to get a last chance to see the original building from inside.

The Amstelhof was built in 1681-1683 as a home for the elderly in need of care (initially only for women, but also for men from 1719) and has remained in use as a nursing home to a few weeks ago.
A few weeks ago the last inhabitants have been moved to care centres elsewhere in Amsterdam (a photo exhibition of the last people leaving the building is now in the Amstelhof).

During the renovation the small Hermitage museum will remain open.

In 2009 the building will be reopened as the Hermitage Amsterdam, a branch of the famous museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

All the rooms and the gardens will be open to the public. There will be tours, and music performances.

Entrance is between 11am and 5pm, and free of charge.
The Amstelhof is located on the east-side of the river Amstel, close to the City Hall/Opera House.