News of: Wednesday, September 21 2005,

Former Amsterdam gay club iT squatted

The once famed gay club iT has been taken by squatters yesterday evening.

The building (in Amstelstraat, near the Rembrandtplein) had been sitting empty since 2004, when it was closed due to violation of noise legislation.

The IT once was one of the most famous clubs in Amsterdam, when it was still owned my Manfred Langer, a well-know gay entrepreneur in the 80's. On Saturday evenings entrance was only permitted if you were gay or if accompanied by a gay person. The club was frequented by celebrities from the entertainment industry, famous sports persons, extravagant people, etcetera.

After Manfred Langer's death in 1994, the club quickly deteriorated and lost its appeal. After having been closed down for a while in 2002 because of drug trading, it finally closed in 2004.