Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam

Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam

This hotel offers the highest viewing point in Amsterdam. The (round) tower is 60 meters high, and on the top floor is a sky restaurant and lounge (also accessible for non-hotel guests).

It is located in the Amsterdam South-East office area, at the junction of the A2 and A9 motorways. The tower is covered in bright blue circles, making it an instant iconic landmark in the area.

On the other side of the A2 is the Oudekerkerplas recreation area (sun-bathing, swimming, walking, cycling).

For tourists visiting Amsterdam, this hotel might not be very attractive, due to its location (14km / 9 miles from Amsterdam Centre), but the view from the top, plus the rather spectacular architecture, might make it worth visiting.
The hotel has free parking for guests.

Schepenbergweg 50, Amsterdam

Location of Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam Full screen map
Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam South-East

Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam South-East