News of: Monday, May 19 2008,

First transatlantic 'fast lane' program between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and 3 US airports

Today, at JFK Airport in New York, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the US Department of Homeland Security signed a joint statement that allows for Dutch and American citizens to cross the borders of the Netherlands and the US by automated border passage.

It is the first transatlantic 'fast lane' program in this field.

The program is a test, that will last for a year.

Three US airports will take part: JFK in New York, Washington-Dulles in Washington, and George Bush International airport in Houston.

Passengers of both countries can apply. For each applicant a background check will be carried out. The cost for the passenger is about EUR 140,-. Especially regular travellers will be expected to be interested.

Says Jayson Ahern, of the US Border Authority: 'Holland is one of the leading parties in this field. We trust the Dutch Privium program, and know we now have a good and safe way of faster travelling.'

If the test is successful, more airports and European countries will be allowed to participate.